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Cicamed Scar Rosa Bandet Edition

Cicamed Scar Rosa Bandet Edition

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Cicamed Scar Rosa Bandet is developed to support the Breast Cancer Ban's fight against breast cancer, while we help with important dissemination of information about breast cancer. Cicamed Scar is an effective and discreet treatment that softens, smoothes and reduces new scars from, among other things, surgery, injuries, acne, burns, chickenpox, appendicitis and cesarean section. The silicone base forms a protective, transparent film that makes it possible to treat scars all over the skin. The product should not be used on open wounds, mucous membranes or in the eyes. Cicamed Scar creates a favorable environment for effective scar healing and the result is a finer, more discreet scar. The best results are achieved on active scars that are in an ongoing healing process. Doctors have used silicone for scar treatment since 1982 and its good results and safety are well documented in several studies. Made in Sweden.

Support the Breast Cancer Association's Pink Ribbon! In connection with this, we launch the Cicamed Scar Pink Band, which in tones of pink represents the fight against breast cancer that contributes to the dissemination of information about breast cancer. About the Breast Cancer Association Your gift makes a difference for the research and for people who have been affected. Information about the Breast Cancer Association The Breast Cancer Association (formerly the Swedish Breast Cancer Association, BRO) is a non-partisan and non-religious non-profit organization with 33 breast cancer associations across the country. The Breast Cancer Association was formed in 1982 by the then 12 breast cancer associations and today has just over 11,000 members. You can give gifts easily via: Swish to no. 9005919 = PG 90 05 91-9 = BG 900-5919. Read more on their website: www.bröstcancerfö


Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Tocopheryl Acetate, Silica

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